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Ranasinghe KG, Gill JS, Kothare H, Beagle AJ, Mizuiri D, Honma SM, Gorno-Tempini MLuisa, Miller BL, Vossel KA, Nagarajan SS et al..  2017.  Abnormal vocal behavior predicts executive and memory deficits in Alzheimer's disease.. Neurobiol Aging. 52:71-80.
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Ward ME, Chen R, Huang H-Y, Ludwig C, Telpoukhovskaia M, Taubes A, Boudin H, Minami SS, Reichert M, Albrecht P et al..  2017.  Individuals with progranulin haploinsufficiency exhibit features of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis.. Sci Transl Med. 9(385)
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Krabbe G, S Minami S, Etchegaray JI, Taneja P, Djukic B, Davalos D, Le D, Lo I, Zhan L, Reichert MC et al..  2017.  Microglial NFκB-TNFα hyperactivation induces obsessive-compulsive behavior in mouse models of progranulin-deficient frontotemporal dementia.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 114(19):5029-5034.
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Wang C, Ward ME, Chen R, Liu K, Tracy TE, Chen X, Xie M, Sohn PDongmin, Ludwig C, Meyer-Franke A et al..  2017.  Scalable Production of iPSC-Derived Human Neurons to Identify Tau-Lowering Compounds by High-Content Screening.. Stem Cell Reports. 9(4):1221-1233.
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Boehm D, Jeng M, Camus G, Gramatica A, Schwarzer R, Johnson JR, Hull PA, Montano M, Sakane N, Pagans S et al..  2017.  SMYD2-Mediated Histone Methylation Contributes to HIV-1 Latency.. Cell Host Microbe. 21(5):569-579.e6.
Maus M, Cuk M, Patel B, Lian J, Ouimet M, Kaufmann U, Yang J, Horvath R, Hornig-Do H-T, Chrzanowska-Lightowlers ZM et al..  2017.  Store-Operated Ca Entry Controls Induction of Lipolysis and the Transcriptional Reprogramming to Lipid Metabolism.. Cell Metab. 25(3):698-712.
Kruth KA, Fang M, Shelton DN, Abu-Halawa O, Mahling R, Yang H, Weissman JS, Loh ML, Müschen M, Tasian SK et al..  2017.  Suppression of B-cell development genes is key to glucocorticoid efficacy in treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.. Blood. 129(22):3000-3008.
Yokoyama JS, Marx G, Brown JA, Bonham LW, Wang D, Coppola G, Seeley WW, Rosen HJ, Miller BL, Kramer JH et al..  2017.  Systemic klotho is associated with KLOTHO variation and predicts intrinsic cortical connectivity in healthy human aging.. Brain Imaging Behav. 11(2):391-400.
Vitte J, Gao F, Coppola G, Judkins AR, Giovannini M.  2017.  Timing of Smarcb1 and Nf2 inactivation determines schwannoma versus rhabdoid tumor development.. Nat Commun. 8(1):300.
Beckerman P, Bi-Karchin J, Park ASeo Deok, Qiu C, Dummer PD, Soomro I, Boustany-Kari CM, Pullen SS, Miner JH, Hu C-AA et al..  2017.  Transgenic expression of human APOL1 risk variants in podocytes induces kidney disease in mice.. Nat Med. 23(4):429-438.
Liu CY, Ohki Y, Tomita T, Osawa S, Reed BR, Jagust W, Van Berlo V, Jin L-W, Chui HC, Coppola G et al..  2017.  Two Novel Mutations in the First Transmembrane Domain of Presenilin1 Cause Young-Onset Alzheimer's Disease.. J Alzheimers Dis. 58(4):1035-1041.