Dr. Lea T. Grinberg heads the Human Biology Validation core (Human core). Dr. Grinberg is a neuropathologist with extensive expertise in neuropathology and brain banking. Her research focuses on early stages of neurodegenerative diseases in humans and method development. To lead the core, Dr. Grinberg is joined by Dr. Bruce Miller who is the director of the UCSF/Memory and Aging Center (MAC), principal investigator of the NIH-funded UCSF Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, and director of the project on frontotemporal dementia (FTD) called “Frontotemporal Dementia: Genes, Images and Emotions” since 2002. Dr. Miller’s interest in FTD dates back to the 1980s and he oversees comprehensive assessment of patients, as well as the collection of bio-specimens and postmortem human tissue banked at the MAC.